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THIS R&D and BCIMO are committed to supporting innovative companies and people. We have partnered up to demonstrate the support that R&D tax relief and Patent Box tax relief can offer to the business community. It is estimated that a number of businesses that could be claiming R&D Tax Relief are not doing so. With combined experience of over 40 years, both making and receiving claims, THIS R&D and BCIMO are aiming to change this statistic.

Our presentation will firstly give an insight into the key qualifying expenditure for R&D tax relief, working our way through the following questions. (Please note this will be relevant to any UK Ltd company.)


- What is R&D tax relief? 

- What costs qualify?

- How do grants interact with R&D tax relief?

- Claiming R&D tax relief on unsuccessful/ongoing projects.

- Legislation changes.

- Q&A session (break out rooms will be available if needed)

Thereafter, we will delve into Patent Box tax relief. This will be relevant to any business owner who has patented/or is considering patenting their invention in the future. The agenda will run as follows: 

- R&D into Patents (making the jump)

- What is Patent Box tax relief ?

- What costs qualify?

- What can I patent? 

- Licensing Intellectual Property. 

- Q&A session (break out rooms will be available if needed

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